Rejuvena 7000


The Rejuvena 7000 is a hand held natural face lift device. Ultrasonic vibration lifts and tones facial muscles. Eliminates wrinkles and increases collagen. With multiple ways to use the Rejuvena 7000 you can use it daily!

The Rejuvena 7000 comes with Ionized Vit C Serum & Pure O + Magnesium Mineral Spray.



Rejuvena 7000 Ionic Facial Care System 

Hand held natural face lift device. Negative & Positive Ions combined with ultrasonic vibration, lifts & tones facial muscles, diminishes wrinkles & promotes spot healing. Ultrasonic massage and micro-vibration at 30,000vps, allows nutrition to penetrate the skins surface. Healthy supple skin, diminished age spots and acne, improved circulation result in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. Includes: one month supply of Ionized vitamin C Liquid which increases collagen and is a powerful anti-oxidant ($50 reorder), one month supply of Pure O Ionized Mineral Water which controls pH level, moisturizing skin and repairs already damaged skin. ($20 reorder) Carry Case and Charger. FDA Cleared Device.

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